Sunday, April 12, 2009

Laws vs People/Parties

A 1.5 hr discussion with Rahul Mehta from Ahmedabad brought out an interesting thought :
It is perhaps easy to gather support for a law or legislation, rather than a party or a person. Because law is (supposedly) neutral, and people can (theoretically) judge for themselves whether it makes sense. Different parties and people can support the law, and people can promote the law in their party of group of choice.

Rahul has clearly done lot of thinking on the 'root causes' and solutions to India's problems today. And has come up with some 'master-key laws' to solve these problems.
eg. 1. Right for citizens to have their complaints displayed on PMs website
2. Right for citizens to recall/dismiss local officials/bureaucrats if they are not performing

Checkout precisely at :

Rahul also been advocating this for many years now. Has also launched a political party in Ahmedabad recetly around this it seems.

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