Friday, May 29, 2009

Policies and Institutions

Which policies and institutions historically led to growth ? (eg. 300 years of north american growth compared to poor growth of latin america).

More egalitarian institutions compared to elitist institutions (beginning with slave plantations).

Egalitarian access to economic resources like land, education, patents/new-knowledge.

90% of adult white population in US was educated by 1800 ! Lately (1960-1990s), education is one area where tremendous progress has been achieved in developing countries, with primary enrollment reaching almost 100% levels (and secondary about 60%). However, there is a long way to go, including in terms quality of education remains a concern.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Punjab - History, Issues - The Vienna Incident

Friday, May 22, 2009

India, China HW/SW Industry

A new book titled "New Industries from New Places" (2009).

I was at a launch talk this afternoon at ODI, London (video recording may be made available soon).

Key insights:
- China's SW industry is larger than India's, but Indian SW exports far exceed China's.
- Our HW industry revenues are many 100 folds less than China's, in terms of revenues ? (and this is without including Taiwan).

Results: New Politicians

Politics of Youngistan:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Election 2009 Analysis

According to ADR's latest analysis of Lok Sabha 2009 elections:
- Number of MPs with criminal charges has increased by 29%
- BJP has the maximum number of elected MPs with criminal charges (43 = 37%). Congress is second (41 = 20 %)
- The number of MPs with 'very serious' charges has declined.
- If voters have a choice, they prefer a clean candidate

- Average assets of Congress MPs is Rs 6.8 Cr, and BJPs MPs is Rs 3.6 Cr (substantial increase in both since 2004)

- Among the MPs, there are 390 graduates including 130 Post-Grads, and 23 PhDs

Full report here:
Shantanu's related blog post: (thanks Shantanu !)

Suresh Prabhu (Shiv Sena), Left party in general are clean and ethical


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elections 2009 - Final polling % - Around 58%

Same as 2004, which is good as it means that downward trend has been stalled !
Also, some interesting trends at micro level. For eg, voting in Chennai apparently increased by 12% !!

I am wondering what was the change in 'urban-rural' voting %s ? And what is the age wise polling % ? Let me know if you know.

Chandigarh: urban vote catches up with rural

No Criminals - Results ... MPs, Cabinet

Thumbs down to criminals in many constituencies.
But 43 from BJP, and 41 from Congress still get in !!! What % of total fielded made it ?
How many of criminal MPs will get into the Cabinet ? Lets wait and watch.

JP of Loksatta wins, inspite of corrupt politics

Dr J P Narayan won a seat in the constituent assembly.
Loksatta spent less than Rs 1 lakhs per contestant.

cheers !

eGovernance in India

Checkout Dr. Subhash Bhatnagar's talk at LSE on "Impact Assessment Study of e-Governance Projects in 12 States in India"

Rs 23000 Crores National eGovernance Plan (2006-) includes several interesting initiatives, including those touching judicial reforms (eCourts), land/property/registration process reforms (land records, property registration, vehicle registration, driving license ..).

Ofcourse, true reform consists of changing process (possibly enabled by ICT) rather than applying ICT to existing processes. eGovernance projects are great opportunities for attracting attention to processes which need reforms.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

CSDS - Centre for Study of Developing Studies

... of Prof Yogendra Yadav, CNN-IBN fame

PRS India - Legislative Research

CPR incubated initiative.
Parliamentary research. Brings out bulletins to make things more transparent.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Encouraging voting trends in LokSabha 2009 ?

Middle and upper class voter turnout has been 58%. This has been a trend reversal from the past elections !

Build your stage diases strong :)

Some humorous clips showing stages collapsing (due to overcrowding)